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ATAG Incorporated, LLC is an Orange County 3D printing provider of the first rate. We take on the kinds of projects that 3D printing factories in Orange County can’t or won’t. Founded in 1999 our specialty is custom work for engineers, designers, and inventors supporting the consumer goods, aerospace, defense, automotive, and medical and dental fields. Our clients are all visionaries and we pride ourselves on having the tools, skills and expertise to make that vision take shape.

In the field of additive manufacturing, Orange County finds its top solution in ATAG Incorporated. We provide a full spectrum of services for rapid prototyping and reverse engineering, using our Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing and 3D Scanning technology. We can take an image you provide – even a hand sketch – and transform it into a tangible shape. All kinds of industries and inventors have watched their imagination become physical reality from our 3D printing in Orange County.

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Additive Manufacturing
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The process of 3D printing employed by ATAG Incorporated is called additive manufacturing. This involves taking a plastic “additive” material and shaping it through a variety of heating, molding and lasering techniques. Whatever your chosen process of additive materials printing, Orange County finds its solutions at ATAG Incorporated. No project is too big or too small. Get a quote on your additive manufacturing project today by calling now or using our information request forms.

The range of our cutting-edge techniques for additive manufacturing in Orange County spans numerous tools and techniques to help you complete your project.

ATAG Incorporated 3D Printing in Orange County provides:

We developed these services with painstaking attention to detail and expertise. Involving ATAG Incorporated in your project means connecting with a premium team of engineers. The machines, programs and consultation we provide are always of the highest order. They’re directed and executed by a team that’s at the height of its field.


Selective Laser Sintering - SLS


Design Services & Reverse Engineering


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Our History of 3D Printing in Orange County

Our History Of 3D Printing In Orange County Then ATAG Incorporated


Our History Of 3D Printing In Orange County Now ATAG Incorporated


ATAG Incorporated started out as a source for design and manufacturing services in 1999 that supported a broad range of clients.

We purchased our first industrial grade printer in 2013 and ran that out of our garage / home office in Orange County, ATAG Incorporated had fully entered the 3D printing / additive manufacturing world. Adding the printer quickly proved to be the right decision in providing additional services to our widening range of clients.

As 3D printing service demand increased we expanded into Selective Laser Sintering by adding our second production grade machine. We also moved to a dedicated location in Costa Mesa to broaden our foot print in the additive manufacturing and design services world.

As the years progressed we added additional Selective Laser Sintering machines, SLA machines, and brought on high resolution scanning into our services portfolio in support of our design and manufacturing service offerings.

With a strong desire to offer more material selections to our clients we added several Figure 4 printers our offerings in 2020 to support the growing demand for injection mold like parts, soft goods, and other high performance materials.

We’re not done yet, we are always on the forefront of leading technologies that help us bring our customers products to market sooner. Let’s Innovate together!

Beyond Additive Materials Printing Orange County

ATAG Incorporated’ services go beyond what other service providers in Orange County can provide. Realizing your vision often demands more than just a 3D printing model. We can recommend and offer other materials and process that best suit your project. Our network is considerable and our experience is broad. We can assist you in bringing all the pieces of your ideas together through our services

ATAG Incorporated shapes more than components. We give form to your ideas, we help you innovate.

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