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ATAG Incorporated in Orange County specializes in additive manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D printing. Our services include Rapid Prototyping, Digital Manufacturing, and Scanning Services.

State Of The Art 3D Printing ATAG Incorporated

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State Of The Art 3D Printing, Design & Scanning Services

ATAG Incorporated is a one-stop provider of 3D printing, rapid prototyping, 3D scanning, production 3D printing, & additive manufacturing services. We offer multiple 3D printing services in-house & done right at our Orange County facility in Costa Mesa, CA.

We exist to assist our customers with reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, and prototyping of all kinds with our additive manufacturing services. If you are interested in reducing costs, adding value, producing sustainable products, or simply building something absolutely unique in which traditional manufacturing just will not suffice, let ATAG Incorporated assist you with our advanced 3D printing machines for your concept to functional prototype design in Orange County.

4-Step Process

state of the art 3d printing ATAG Incorporated

Step 1: Design

Design your 3D CAD model or hire us to help you out. Save it a Native, STEP, .STL, .OBJ or IGES file and we’ll make sure it’s printable.

Step 2 Order ATAG Incorporated

Step 2: Order

Contact us through out ATAG Incorporated’s Customer Portal to get an instant 3D Printing quote, or fill out our Request for Quote form for design, scanning, or specialized 3D printing needs

Step 3 Print ATAG Incorporated

Step 3: Print

Once we receive your 3D CAD model, we’ll perform a check to make sure it is printable. If there are issues, we will reach out to you and troubleshoot!

Step 4 Dispatch ATAG Incorporated

Step 4: Dispatch

Good news! Your project is complete! Now we will either ship your 3D Print(s) or arrange a pickup with you.

Comprehensive Capabilities

Our brilliant team of engineering and 3D printing experts will help you with 3D Printing, Scanning, and Design services. We can even come to you for specialized scanning needs. We aim to provide the best additive manufacturing and engineering solutions to all our customers.

3D Printing Figure 4 ATAG Incorporated

3D Printing - Figure 4

3D Printing SLS ATAG Incorporated

3D Printing - SLS

3D Scanning Services ATAG Incorporated


Reverse Engineering ATAG Incorporated

Reverse Engineering

Design Services ATAG Incorporated

Design Services

Let’s get started.

Our brilliant team of engineering experts will help with you with 3D scanning services and we can even come to you and scan on site or your remote site as we aim to provide the best additive manufacturing solutions to all our customers.

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